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Careers & Benefits

Benton County provides numerous career opportunities.  Whether you are just starting out, established in your career, or looking for a post-career opportunity, Benton County could be your next step. Learn about the latest employment opportunities, current benefits, and a variety of services to help you enjoy a rewarding career in local government.

How to Apply

Start your job search by viewing current openings and making a job interest card. Your Benton County job interest card will tell you when new jobs in your field are posted, making your job search easier.


Benton County offers a comprehensive benefits package designed to meet the needs of its employees and their families. Competitive benefits and maintaining an award winning employee wellness program is a top priority for the County. Our employee benefits plan year runs from August 1 – July 31. 

For up to date benefit summaries select “Learn More” to email us for more information.

Position Classification & Compensation

What does “classification” mean?

Position Classification is used to categorize and define various job roles within Benton County. It involves grouping positions with similar duties, responsibilities, and qualifications into specific job classes or categories. This classification system helps establish consistency and equity in compensation, benefits, and personnel management.

About compensation at Benton County

Our goal is to attract top talent by offering competitive pay and benefits. We know public service has more rewards than just the salary. We provide fair, equitable, and sustainable compensation, benefits, and retirement plans. Our employees enjoy a great work environment, career growth, and the satisfaction of serving the public

Protected Leaves

Explore details related to Family Medical Leave (FMLA), Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA), and County Bereavement and Compassionate Leave. For questions specific to your situation and employment status contact Human Resources.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Collective bargaining agreements are legally binding contracts negotiated between labor unions and employers to establish terms and conditions of employment for workers. These agreements cover issues such as wages, working hours, benefits, and workplace rules. They provide a framework for fair and equitable treatment of workers, help resolve disputes, and ultimately contributing to better working conditions and stability in the labor force.

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