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Position Classification

The purpose of the classification system is to organize related positions into groups that share common requirements, duties, decision-making requirements, responsibilities, impacts, and/or working conditions. Groups and classifications not only guide consistent entry qualifications but also help govern compensation.


Benton County divides jobs into 9 groups.

  • Management & Executive
  • Clerical & Administrative
  • Legal
  • Maintenance & Operations
  • Clinical Health
  • Technical
  • Information Technology
  • Programming
  • Business & Financial

Classifications and Classification Series

The 9 major job groups above are broken down into 20 classification series and 65 individual classifications.

Sheriff’s Office Deputies Classifications

Job FamilyWorking TitleRepresentationPay Grade
Animal Control DeputyAnimal Control Program ManagerBCDSA120D
Deputy A (DPSST Basic Certification)
Corrections Deputy
Patrol DeputyBCDSA160D
Parole & Probation OfficerBCDSA160D
Deputy B (DPSST Intermediate Certification)Corrections DeputyBCDSA165D
Patrol DeputyBCDSA165D
Parole & Probation OfficerBCDSA165D
Deputy C (DPSST Advanced Certification)Corrections DeputyBCDSA170D
Law Enforcement DeputyBCDSA170D
Parole & Probation OfficerBCDSA170D
Corporal CDeputy CorporalNon-represented190D
SergeantTraining & Recruitment SergeantNon-representedC45
Corrections SergeantNon-representedC45
Law Enforcement SergeantNon-representedC45
Parole & Probation SergeantNon-representedC45
LieutenantCorrections LieutenantNon-representedD62
CaptainLaw Enforcement CaptainNon-representedD71
Corrections CaptainNon-representedD71
Parole & Probation CaptainNon-representedD71
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